Thursday, 28 November 2013


Well, with it being Summer over here in NZ, I have been doing a lot of sailing and Windsurfing in the weekends and even some after work, but good news,  I have finally found some time to finish a unit of 12 Levy for my Anglo-Saxon force

I am determined to finish the other two units of Levy before the tournament, but I think that's about the most I could get done before next Saturday's deadline, as I am a rather slow painter. I'm not a huge fan of bringing unpainted models to a tournament, but the Umpire has said its ok as he would rather have people turn up and play.

So the Tournament is 6 points, with 5 rounds over two days - and with no major sailing event to go that weekend, Andrew and myself have decided to give it a go. Have only played 3 games before now but find the best way to learn a new gaming system is to dive into the deep end. I have put together a rather large Anglo-Saxon horde list together with 61 models all up. Brother Andrew is going to use his Pagan Rus list. So I am looking forward to it.

Here is some photos of my unit - I haven't done my shields yet but these can wait until after the tournament - also got to do the eyeballs but for this I need to wait for my model shop to bring in some of the paint brushes I like as they have none in stock and the one I am using at the moment has a wicked kiss curl in it and is no good for this somewhat delicate job.

Also, went around to Andrews house last night and took some shots of his Pagan Rus army he has done so far, being the faster painter, hes managed to finish his 2 units of Hearth-guard, Levy Javelin-men, and Steppe horse unit. (like me he has not done his shields yet either) - Love the winter basing he's done, looks great.

Like the striped puffed out pants on these guys

One unit of Hearth-guard - front and back

Other Unit of Hearth-guard - front and back

His Javelin Levy unit

Like the tweed stripe pants

His Steppe Horse unit

His painted army up to now , still 3 units of Warriors to do and his Warlord


  1. Both forces are looking great. I kinda like the Anglo-Saxons with their eyes unfinished, makes them look like Anglo-Zombies!
    Looking forward to hearing how the tournament goes. Brett introduced Scott and I to SAGA a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting some Normans for Christmas, so might have to throw my hat in the ring for next time.

    1. very zombie like - all they need is another highlight of pale skin colour

      Normans look to be a good force - good shooting and then punch through/counterattack with heavy horse, Andrew was going to go them, but decided to go with the Russian Pagans in the end. We will have to get together for a game in the new year some time.