Monday, 14 October 2013


I thought I would keep the theme going with painting FOW planes ... so over the weekend I had finished painting my four DFS 230 German glider planes.

They finished up looking quite good, and was fun to paint. Getting the colours right took a few attempts trying to get the right balance, especially the underbelly colour, as I had to mix them (not having the correct paints they suggested) but I think I have got them close enough.  Only painted up the 4 of them as that's all I need for my Early War German Luftlandersturm Force, as I am only going to have the one compulsory platoon, the rest being Pioneer Fallschirmj√§ger platoons.

I now only have to paint up the four 2cm Flak38 guns and their commander for this force now and it should be all ready to use for a tournament. But the AA guns may have to wait as I have a unit of Russian Cossacks next in line on the painting table.

Gliders safely landing in some crop fields


  1. Very nice work Mark... must admit the DFS has always looked way too narrow in the fuselage to my eyes, but I am guessing it is historically accurate as a model? Perhaps its because I am more used to seeing the chunkier looking Horsa of the Allies...

    1. I have to agree with there, the Fuselage doesn't look right to me either, way to skinny , as the MG gunner, only just sits on the top, so not sure how it fits 8 to 10 men - also presume they have only one pilot ?

  2. Looks awesome. The width is right. Think of single chairs in a row. Build canvas around the sides.
    Must have been a freaky ride.