Tuesday, 8 October 2013



I have had my FOW planes in the painting queue for a very long time now, so I thought it was about time I got them painted up. Never use planes that much in my actual games but I like the models and always good to have on standby if the need arises.

I finished off my Soviet Shturmovik plane last night, quite pleased with the overall look of it. It was fun painting on the black lines and took a while to get right but I like the result.
The decals were a pain to put on, never really liked using decals, having always opted to paint my own tank markings etc before now, but with these markings looking quite hard to paint I gave it a go. Stuffed up one of the numbers on the side of the plane where it folded back on itself as I slid it off the transfer sheet and try as I might, I just couldn't rescue it. So I had to paint it on, looks ok I think. Also based and painted my flying base to match my tanks with cobbles, so picturing the plane low flying down a street strafing transport teams as he goes.

If anyone has got any tips for me on using decals I'll be interested in reading them, as I am going to be painting up my P-40 Warhawk next.

Also if any one wants to have a plane swap I'll be keen, as I have another two P-40 Warhawks I cant do anything with. Need a German Stuka if anyone wants to swap for it. Already got a British Hurricane so don't need one of those.


  1. Excellent work, as always. My top tip for decals would be.... throw them in the bin and use the time saved to paint markings on freehand! I hate the bloody things. I did a Shturmovik, and the lightning bolt decal was a nightmare. It stuck to everything except the side of the plane, and the whole model got quite close to being airborne a couple of times :-)

    1. Haha ... I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks they are hard, and the yes the lighting bolt one was very difficult to place as it kept on folding back on itself - frustrating but got there.
      Also some of the white tips of the stars broke off, so had to touch them up free style with white paint.

  2. Very nice plane.
    Decals, ah yes... they can indeed be a pain and its often a case of take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on... ;-) When you get them on though they are worth the hassle.