Monday, 9 September 2013



I thought I would do a series of Flames of War army spotlights, highlighting some of the many Flames of  War army's I have collected and used in the past. Some people might not of seen them before and I thought it would be a good way to document / record them, and also my ideas behind them and why I collected them.


This was the very first army I started to collect for Flames of War. Thought it was a good idea to start in the mid-war period as it was the "in thing" back in those days and selected the force from the old Stars and Stripes book. It was also under the first edition rule book back then so a lot has changed.

Overall force

 I quickly found the force was a rather hard beginning army to start out with, mostly due to it being a mechanised force, also being reconnaissance didn't help much either, then there was the fact that it was a rather fragile army. So taking all this into consideration I thought not such a good army to start with perhaps and then swapped to my mid war Russian militia force being far more easier to use as a beginner to FOW.

Now days under version 3, I found the US Armoured Recon force a very useful and tactical army to play and very satisfying when it plays well. Against the right opposition it can be awesome to play with, but this can very much swing the other way against other types of forces and loose horribly, but maybe all mechanised forces are like this?

I mostly collected this army as I really liked the Battlefront models of the earlier USA vehicles, for example the T30 75mm HMC, T19 105mm HMC and the M3 75mm GMC model and it offered me the chance to paint these numerous open topped vehicles to which I do enjoy.

Keeping this mind, I decided to base my army on the Anglo-American invasion of the Moroccan and Algerian coast lines of North Africa in early November 1942 against the Vichy-French or as it was called "Operation Torch". My army is Historically based on the 82nd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion (as part of the Second Armoured Division) that landed at Fedala, near Casablanca with the 9th Infantry Division. The 82nd Recon Battalion went onto fight at Tunisia, Sicily, and then took part in the Normandy landings in 1944. The 82nd was the "eyes and ears" of the 2nd Armoured Division with their commanding Officer being Major Isaac. D. White.

This army is very fast paced and has a tendency for a "in your face" attitude on the attack due to the recon units ability to move swiftly up the table with the Stuarts racing about in support being light tanks. The army has a lot of firepower in the way of 0.5cal's and machinegun dice available to it. The T30's support the attack offering high firepower to knock out nests and gun teams. The M3 75mm guns with AT9 and the tank destroyer rules makes an effective unit, theres also the reliable T19 unit with TOT bonus.

On the defense its not so effective but can still be quite a nuisance for the enemies tanks with the ability to dismount and having the option for bazookas and M3 37mm gun teams, but being only 3 stands to the unit they are still quite vulnerable. With most of the tank units being open topped the armoured reserve rule makes this army a hell of a lot better than in version 2 days, as it now starts with a decent amount of units on the table if those rules are in effect.

My typical 1500 point force consisted of :
HQ - CO and 2IC carbine teams mounted in M2 halftrack and Jeep
3 units of Armoured Recon - 2x M3A1 with jeep and Mortar jeep
Assualt gun platoon with 3x T30 HMC
3 platoons of M3A1 Stuarts - oh yes !
Self Propelled Anti-tank Platoon - 4x M3 75mm GMC
Armoured Field Artillery Platoon - 3x T19 105mm HMC

Also had the options of fielding 6x T19 105mm HMC artillery teams, Armoured rifle platoon, Engineer platoon, Self propelled AA platoon and another Armoured recon platoon if the need desired.

My CO M2 halftrack towing a 37mm AT gun.

M3 75mm GMC tank destroyer - love this model

T19 105mm HMC artillery platoon

Artillery command and Staff team

One of the three Stuart platoons I have

A typical Dismounted platoon, Bazooka, 0.5 cal MG, 60mm mortar team and Infantry options

My 2IC jeep team, all aboard 

Medic !

More medic jeeps

Co and 2IC command carbine teams
My overall Force
M3 half tracks if I need armoured Infantry platoon.
Also got me some M10 Tank destroyers and M4 Shermans that I never once used yet,
these mayvery well end up in my Late war French Goum force

Bulldozer Sherman

Other side of M4 Sherman Dozer tank


  1. Very nice looking force. Interesting your thoughts on mechansied; "win big , lose big"...

  2. Very cool. I like those M3 75mm GMC's too. They look like a badass version of the "technicals" that crazy middle-eastern types drive around in today. It just screams "I don't care what you're doing, I'm just going to shoot you up first!".