Friday, 6 September 2013


Thought I would give a hobby update of the many FOW painting projects which I have on the go at the moment. Needless to say that there is a few, as my concentration span for one project at a time from start to finish eludes me, unlike my brother who can whip out a painted army within 4 weeks if he puts his mind to it- not sure how he does it considering the size of army's he enjoys using. I seem to have a plan but it takes me 6 months before I even get to around to painting it and by then I have moved onto another. The joys of modeling !

I very much enjoy using FOW forces that are seldom seen on the tournament scene as they offer opponents something different and I found they are a good challenge to play while trying to get the best out of them. No doubt there may be a good many arguments why these army's are indeed seldom used, but I am never one to be dissuaded by silly things like this as I for the most part collect whether it be the overall look of the army or certain models, the rules they use or indeed both.

The Numerous projects are:

a) The first being my
EW Vichy Legionnaire Company 

I have collected all the models I require for this force now, and at long last finished all the head swaps I had to do ! found the whole process a pain in the backside I can tell you but I think the look of the army will out weigh the time I spent doing it. Have assembled and based all the infantry and gun teams on a desert scheme using sand and small pebbles for rocks. Have spray painted a base black and now awaiting some painting attention. The two platoons of R-35 tanks are made but unsure if I will base these or not at this stage. I have also made more obstacles for the force, which include a another Minefield, 2 x barbwire obstacles and one more Anti-tank obstacle.

I plan to take this force to next years Natcon (New Zealand Nationals) in Christchurch, so progress is coming along nicely at this stage.

b) Second project is the 
EW Luftlandesturm Company 

The second army I am concentrating on is the Luftlandesturm German Glider assault troops that landed in Crete during Operation Mercury on the 20th May 1941. It was the first major airborne invasion in military history were German Paratroopers were used on a massive scale and also the last the Germans used due to the heavy casualties that amounted. It also lay down the foundations the Allies used for the Invasion of Normandy years later. The Luftlandesturm Army is featured in the Burning Empires book.

This army is by no means a large army, as it ties up a third of its points (500pts) in the one glider unit alone! which I must acknowledge is a heck of a lot points for an Elite Infantry platoon, but I feel its still quite powerful force and has loads of potential - and should be a hoot to play (and play against I hope)

My 1500 point early war force consists of :
All are rated as Fearless Veterans
HQ Luftlandesturm Company HQ - CO and 2IC Pioneer SMG teams
Combat Luftlandesturm Platoon - 7 Pioneer R/MG teams with 3 Gliders
added a HMG team and extra Glider
Combat Fallschirmpioneer Platoon - 7 Pioneer R/MG teams
Combat Fallschirmpioneer Platoon - 7 Pioneer R/MG teams
Weapons Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon - with 4x 8cm Mortars, Observer team
Support Fallschirmjager Light Anti-tank Platoon - 4x 3.7cm Pak 36 guns
Support Fallschirmjager Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon - 4x 2cm Flak 38 guns

The glider rules are quite simple and states that you can use gliders in any mission and that the force is an always attack army. The gliders must arrive on the owning players first movement step. You begin by selecting a landing site by which the gliders approach facing into the wind. On the roll of a 1 the glider crashes, with all passengers having to roll a 5+ save. The glider moves 2" for every pip on the dice, and if the fuselage is struck by difficult terrain it crashes. It doesn't matter if the wings touch terrain as these were designed to break off.

My Models awaiting some paint
The landing site can be on top of an enemy platoon if desired, with these teams moving aside the minimum distance for the glider to pass through. The best thing is that during the first turn in which the platoon lands, all enemy teams are to be considered to be pinned down and all tanks to be bailed out for the purposes of conducting defensive fire against the teams of the Luftlandesturm unit. This an extremely useful rule and for which I will be taking full advantage of, especially if against Churchill's or Matillda's and the like. There is a slight draw back to the Luftlandesturm platoon gliding on the table, this unit can not contest an objective(s) that is placed in the enemies deployment area until after turn 6.

With the Army being an always attack type, my plan is to always have the Luftlandesturm Platoon landing in no mans land or if the table permits behind the enemy, making general mischief for the enemy and being a cause of attraction while my main attack force moving up the table hopefully intact.

Best thing about this army from my modeling point of view, Andrew has most of the models I need already as he uses them for his LW German Sicherung force. So I thought why not, all I have to do is paint up 4 gliders which I have already spray painted black,  and then make and paint up some 2cm Flak38 guns I have and "bob's your uncle" I have another Early war force at the ready, at least I have in theory as long as Andy isn't using his Germans for LW that is.

3) Another FOW army I have started is a
LW French Goum force

I have always liked the look of these infantry figures and this certainly was the main drive in me collecting this force. The uniforms Goums offer a quite unique painting challenge with their over striped overcoats they wore.

The Italian campaign of World War II is perhaps the most famous and most controversial in the history of the Goumiers. During May 1944 the Goumiers were the vanguard of the French Expeditionary Corps attack through the Aurunci Mountains positioned on the German Gustav Line during Operation Diadem, the fourth Battle of Monte Cassino. "Here the Goums more than proved their value as light, highly mobile mountain troops who could penetrate the most vertical terrain in fighting order and with a minimum of logistical requirements. Most military analysts consider the Goumiers' manoeuvre as the critical victory that finally opened the way to Rome."  An Allied commander paid tribute to the Goumiers and the Moroccan regulars stating that where they fought they were decisive. The knife-wielding Goumiers swarmed over the hills, particularly at night, and the Goumiers showed an aggressiveness hour after hour that the Germans could not withstand, which was to be a key to the success of the entire drive on Rome.

They have some good rules that emphasize these points, are rated as Fearless Trained, they are always considered to be gone to ground if they didn't shoot, move at the double, or assault in their previous turn. Are classed as mountaineers and hit enemy teams in assault on a 3+ and can reroll failed pinned down results. All in all some good abilities here.

Here is a rough list I had in mind for these guys.

HQ         Goum HQ - CO and 2IC rifle teams
COMBAT Goum Platoon with 2 squads
COMBAT Goum Platoon with 2 squads
COMBAT Goum Platoon with 2 squads
COMBAT Goum Weapons Platoon with 2x M1919 LMG
        & 2x M1917 HMG and a M2 60mm Mortar team
WEAPONS Goum I&R Platoon with 2 squads
SUPPORT Spahi Light Tank Platoon - M5A1 Stuart
SUPPORT FEC Tank Destroyer Platoon -  M10 3" GMC 
SUPPORT US Tank Platoon with M4A1 Shermans
SUPPORT Artillery Platoon with 105mm guns

I have already painted up some of the Goum Infantry models as I used a portion of them as Guerrilla units for my mid war OSS Army (Office of Strategic Services) having based them on the operations leading up to the Moroccan landings of Operation Torch.  I also have some Shermans and M10's I got years ago (of which I have never once used, mostly due to my American armies all being set in early 1942) So all there is to do is to repaint some French symbols on the sides and hull of tanks. I also picked up a full 105mm US field artillery battery for $15 dollars at Call to Arms including transports so will put this addition to good use in this army. 

4) And the last FOW army I am working on is 
LW Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Company 
(Soviet Heavy Tank)

I started to build this army a while ago now, back when it was only a pdf before Red bear book in fact, so not really sure if it will work quite the same now considering the Version 3 infantry heavy AT lists out there these days. But having all the models at the ready, it might be still a viable army - you never know they might improve it.

The army hasn't got much in the way of support options available to it like other Soviet forces, it includes - a Infantry option, Artillery and Heavy Artillery option, AA option and Air support option only.

Also, if you decide to take the KV1e option as the HQ tank, your combat choices have to be the same or KV1s tanks.  So all this leads to the army lacking in any high end direct AT fire to take on the oppositions tanks, with my highest anti-tank rating in the army being AT9 - which most of you will agree with me is woefully low for late war. My 122mm artillery guns will have their work cut out for them, being my option for taking out big cats indirectly. The rest of the ZIS 3 guns will move up 6" a turn and fire direct shots to try and remove the enemys AT guns and infantry stands.

My 1750 point Late war force consists of :
HQ Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Polk HQ - KV1e
Combat Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy - KV1e x 3 with two having a mine roller
Combat Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy - KV1e x 3 with two having a mine roller
Combat Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy - KV1e x 3 with two having a mine roller
Combat Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy - KV1s x 3
Support SubMachine-gun Company - Command SMG with 21x SMG teams
Support Artillery Battalion - With 8x ZIS 3 guns and 4x 122mm obr 1938 guns
Add Observer team and PTRD anti-tank rifle

All tanks are rated as Fearless Trained with Support being Confident Trained.

All I have to do to finish the army is to finish painting some of the KV turrets (heavens no why I never finished them when I painted the tank chassis ?) and start painting the SMG platoon I have recently made and based up. I based them as if they are walking through a factory/streets of Stalingrad to match my existing troops I have already in my vast collection of soviets. The bases appear quite busy but I like the overall look of the platoon.

I think a Sapper platoon might of possibly been a better option over the Submachine-gun Platoon, but this makes an excellent excuse to get them painted up ! and they should prove quite effective in getting a pinned result with the amount of short range fire available to them before the assault.



  1. Wow ambitious - 4 armies on the go at once? And all of them requiring that extra bit of flair and dash!

  2. Love all the extra basing details on the Soviets - where do you source the pieces from, bricks etc

    1. I get the bricks from Modelcrafts and Hobby store in Wellington - 1:35 scale brick wall set, sorry forgot the brand name - maybe Revell ?

      The other extra bits are from my old 1:35 tanks i had from ages ago that collected too much dust so instead of chucking away, I dismantled and placed in a bits box.

  3. That's an amazing output of painting and modelling. I've always admired the character that your armies have, can't wait to see some of these completed. Any finish dates in mind for any of these projects?

    1. Aim to have the Vichy French and the Luftlandersturm army all finished by April next year as I intend to use for Nationals - I would of finished them earlier but seeing that Valleycon is not the normal Early war tournament this year its allowed more time. The other two army's are at my leisure so no real deadline but hope to finish some platoons in between to mix it up.