Thursday, 4 July 2013


Had a group of seven last night at Peters House, and as while we waited for Ian and Anne to turn up, we played a quick starter game first up.

Trans America  - you basically have 5 different colored city's spread out in zones on the board and the first to link all their cities together within a rail network wins.
Andrew won
with myself very close behind him
and John and Lance a little off
with Peter very well behind.

With Ian and Anne turning up 15 minutes later, we then split up into two teams of 3 and 4 with Peter, Anne and Lance playing a rather long game of Legendary (as it turned out)

While John, Ian Andrew and myself played a game of Kreta, a game which is a cross between Citadels and Catan but without dice rolling, as you have certain cards that only be allowed played once that help you influence the board to get points, the King card allows a card action to be used twice. The most points in areas prior to scoring is the object of the game obviously.

Andrew managed to win with John only two points behind
Ian closely followed not to far off the pace
but I was dismally 20 odd points behind them all, as I had a strategy that went badly wrong, as I loaded up on forts on the high scoring areas but having no area numbers coming my way.

After this we played a game of Linie 1 (Streetcar), which I enjoy playing but can never quite manage to get the grips of. The game is street cable car game in which you each get a secret set of trolley stations and mandatory stops, players then use track tiles to build a network where each builds a path that goes from their terminal to their required stations. First one to do so, then races their trams down and first one to complete wins.

John won with Ian one turn behind.
Andy and I had all sorts of problems as John played havoc with placing two horrible tiles in our way, so we both ended up having help to the finish a number of turns later with Me coming in a well deserved last place as I stuffed up my route something awful.

We then joined forces as John went home, leaving us a six player game of Around the world in 80 days. One of my favorites at the moment for six player format.
I came first with 67 days
Peter only one day behind on 68 days
Ian and Andy in the mid 70's
with Anne and Lance not finishing

So another great night of board games


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Ian, been playing a lot of Castles of Burgandy at the moment ... have you played it? great game. Might bring along it along to Peters one night (cant make it this week but should be there next week)

    2. I played it at Wellycon. I found it quite long compared with Trajan or Macao.