Monday, 8 July 2013


All day rain on Saturday had me inside most of the morning, so I used the time to finish off my FOW Desert Fort Andrew had scratch built for me a while ago now. He built it using thin foamboard and 65mm dia plastic pipe. The pipe was used for corners and foamboard for the walls and battlement floor structure. I think it only took him 3-4 hours to complete so not a very long process for him.

Andrew has his own fort, but I insisted he build another one as his is a complete fort (i.e. no damaged walls) and we needed another one with the cheaper damaged wall option. He uses the full fort in his Italian EW Mitraglieri (Machine-gun) company as you need it to get to 1500points!

So as I wanted my fort to have damaged walls on each side, I crafted each wall to have debris and building blocks scattered about to enforce this fact. I had previously sanded the side walls and edges of the fort to give it a textured look, so onto painting. I mostly used test pot acylic paints as its rather large area and would be to costly using my normal model paints. It took a while to get the colours right but I think it turned out rather good. Place some grass tuffs and such about and it looks like its an old disused fort in which my troops have just moved into residence.
Also had to paint in the black Gun port and Rifle port holes, this took some time as they had to be a specific amount and in certain order across the wall's length and most important all even.

Overall quite happy with the final result. Below is some photos, I placed some of my US figures inside it to give it some scale. The whole thing sits on a 14"x 14" (as per rules) MDF base board

I plan to use the fort in my upcoming Early army I have slowly been building up with my play test rewards I get periodically - so taking a while. Should fit in nicely with the French Foreign Legion army I am planning as it has Vet rifle MG teams backed up by big Vichy AT guns - so should be fun for the fort.

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