Thursday, 11 July 2013


Due to the Flames of War tournament at Call to Arms being the same sad old boring LW era with standard mission format (YAWN), Andrew and I have both decided to give it a miss and get back into Warhammer Fantasy this year instead.

We haven't played that many games with the new 8th edition rules of Warhammer Fantasy and haven't played in a competition format for a number of years now so it will be a good learn as go type scenario, so not expecting to do that well in it. But should be fun with a new bunch of players to play against and some old ones from way back. It will be interesting to see what armies they use and how much lists have changed since we last played with the old version 7 rule set.

My overall Nurgle army

As so I don't have to worry about fear, terror and panic tests etc I will be taking my brother Andrews Nurgle Deamon army. Nice and easy, not much magic and no shooting, so its your straight in your face combat type army which I tend to like. I always think a themed warhammer army is the only way, so all my units are going to be with mark of Nurgle - so none of the other riff raff among the ranks.

So my list will most likely be
The Great Unclean One, LVL 1 with Lore of Nurgle, with 2 Lesser gifts
Herald of Nurgle with lesser Locus, mounted on Nurgle Infestation
Herald of Nurgle, with lesser Locus
Herald of Nurgle, with lesser Locus
20x Plaguebearers
20x Plaguebearers
20x Plaguebearers
3x Nurglings
2x Nurglings
2x Nurglings
3x Beasts of Nurgle
3x Beasts of Nurgle

Still undecided whether to put Father Nurgle in or not, or maybe a Deamon Prince of Nurgle. The ability to fly around is tempting but Father Nurgle should be fun as well.
The lesser Locus skill should be interesting with its ability to poison on 5 and 6, and it confers to the unit the Herald is with, so long as he's alive that is.
Plan is to anchor myself in a corner with beasts in flank and come out swinging, the Nurglings should be annoying for skirmishers and war-machines with their scouting ability's.
The ability to have the minus one to hit in hand to hand combat due to the mark of Nurgle is a really big factor for this army and can really even out the odds due to the relative slow initiative of the army.

Not really sure whether to put more magic level in the army or not as the winds of magic is a tad too random to put overload of points in there, For instance what happens if you have a level 3 and two level 1's and then you roll double ones for winds of magic - what a waste ! - well that's my view, I may change my mind when I see veteran players make good use of it and show me how its done when he blasts half my army too bits - but for now its limited magic for me this tournament.

Here is some photos, of Andrews Nurgle deamons in all its glory. Andrews overall Nurgle army collection has some more Nurgling figures and a few more Plaguebearers but not much more, so I have take the majority of what he has to offer.

Great Unclean one and Herald of Nurgle
Herald's of Nurgle

All my heroes
Beasts of Nurgle on left, with Plaguebearers behind, with nurglings in front


  1. Hey Mark, will miss you and Andrew in the FoW comp, you've always been a blast to play against.
    I know what you mean about the same old format though, hopefully we'll see some different forces to liven things up. I'm taking the 8th Independent Penal Battalion. It probably won't be the most competitive army, but it will be a lot of fun and will ruin somebodies day! See you at Panzerschreck.



    1. Hi Paul, thought we would mix it up this year and try something different playing in the Fantasy comp. I like your idea of the Penal company, I have taken this before to a FOW Masters tournament a couple of years ago. I placed mid field which was a good effort given the quality of players there.

      You will definitely surprise people with this type of army, and that's the fun in taking it in my view, a horde of bodies running across the battlefield all highly motivated for mother Russia.