Monday, 29 July 2013


I have slowly been progressing on my Vichy French army, spent a long time swapping multitude of heads using the kepi head sprue to give the men a Legionnaire look to them. Most of my units are now based and prime spay painted black ready for painting. I have still some more units to get and make, but progress is good.

I also spent a couple of nights last week making up some HMG nests, a anti-tank obstacle, a minefield and three barb wire obstacles to which I am rather pleased with.
I probably wouldn't field them all in one list (not much fun for your opponent) but thought I would build them all to have all to have some options.

I scratch built the AT obstacle from using dense foam type material Andy had salvaged from shower cubicle packaging left on building sites, I cut them into shape and PVA glued them onto a 3mm MDF base , then applied a poly filler to base and left to dry. Once dried, glue sand and stone mixture and then spay paint matt black.

Built the barbwire and minefield obstacles from match sticks drilled into MDF base board and glued then trim to the right size, placed them in a zig-zag type arrangement for good aesthetics. 

Built the HMG nests from some plastic square sections I had lying around, then placed matchsticks to the roof and front. I put men inside, but I got too carried away and forgot to paint their faces before applying the roof, and is now rather hard to paint in detail to any degree so just left them black (one could say this was done on purpose as they are in the shadows but this would be lying.) Put a HMG gun sticking out the front and voila.... done

I finished off the barb wire obstacles using a wire Andrew has for work. Very handy having a brother as a plumber/gas-fitter sometimes as he uses this stuff for gas meters and gets it in 3m rolls. I think Battlefront now sell it on their website and I am sure its the same stuff. For the minefield I used some fine fuse wire to put a wire type fence around it.

Photos of the finished products

The HMG nests all finished
Minefield obstacle
Anti-tank Obstacle

Barb wire obstacles

Obstacles all placed on the battlefield in a defensive position between to hills
HMG nests at each end with AT and minefield between, and all three barb wires out the front.
This would be hell to get through !


  1. Nice work. The rocks and greenery on top of the HMG nests look very effective.

  2. Good stuff, I especially like the 'dragons teeth'