Thursday, 14 June 2018


I have managed to get some more of my Finnish bolt action force completed being my Artillery 105mm Howitzer, it was fun to paint and to base up.

I have also got my Captian Hq model all done , come up rather well I thought

and my Medic model all done - also gave him an assistant armed with a pistol, an unusual model in that he has spectacles on

and my Panzershrek team all done as well -  probably will not be used much as my force is early war based but you never know - I may well go into late war one day.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


With the swift demise of Flames of War (being Version 4 now) in my gaming circles, mostly due to the crappy changes they have made to the game - and if i am honest I was getting bored with it as well -   it is time to move onto something fresh .....  my group of wargaming mates and myself have been on the search of a new WW2 gaming rule set to take its place. Well It looks like the WW2 Rommel game is a likely contender to do just that.

Rommel rules is a game to fight really big battles with i.e. corps or battalion levels rather than the Platoon level you see with FOW or Bolt Action,  so you can play battles such as Kursk or El Alamein and the like.  You can find the link here to have a look over on the Honour website by games designer Sam Mustafa

The game operates on a grid system for all movement and ranges etc so there is no need for a tape measures at all during the game - which is fantastic if you ask me (no more dodgy movements that can sometimes be seen at tournaments) The grid can be either 6" in size or 4" size, you could draw lines on your table cloth or simply just place little dots or crosses at every grid corner/intersection so it doesn't look so imposing to the gaming board - or better yet use 6" cork tiles and incorporate the terrain for each tile piece as well - this is what we plan to do.

The game has a Operations battle board approach where you have ops dice available every turn to assign certain skills during the game whether it be in combat with aggressive or defensive skills and also strategic skills for movements/engineering and the like - sort of like Saga battle boards in a way - now this part of the game I really do like as it allows for so many different options and game play to keep the brain active in the game - as their is a lot of decisions to be made - and that's the key to good gaming .... keep the rules and measurements easy so you can concentrate on the the more tactical issues of the game.

The game has a good system to work out engagements as well, all worked out on a combat grid (below) where using your combined combat strength on a slide table, roll a dice, you get shifts up and down depending on what skills you use on your battle board. use this value to see how many hits you end up doing - each yellow box represents a hit.

The game allows use for 15mm or 6mm figures - well any size really as its all relevant to the grid size used and what looks good on the tabletop - You could even use cardboard cards as units if desired. We have been using our old FOW 15mm miniatures which looks ok, but the grid is rather on the small side with only being allowed to have 3 units in any one grid square at one time - just looks a tad over crowed in my opinion (especially with terrain as well) - so I could be tempted to use future 6mm minis for it, but this is only if I ever get the urge to add models to my ever growing painting list that is !!  we will have to wait and see.

The game is divided into three eras of WW2  being early mid and late wars, very much like battlefronts FOW so I could use similar builds of army that I used in FOW. It also has an open architecture system thats very good, so you can recreate all those weird and whacky units that are not the normal - my brother is keen on this feature.

I have played a game or two now, its quick and easy to learn and a lot of fun, especially the battle boards, as it adds to game, as every faction (and era of that faction - early, mid and late war) gets a unique battleboard.  If you havent tried it and want to dabble into bigger battles for the WW2 period, its a worthwhile investment.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Well its been a while since my last post, its been a busy summer ... lots and lots of sailing and some windsurfing, as well as all the other summer stuff, but with now it being well into autumn months its time to crank up the hobby painting and boardgaming stuff ... so should see more posts over the winter months I hope

I thought I would start to collect another 28mm Bolt Action army (well yes I should finnish my Finns first but lets be honest it never works like that for us gamers)  and I have decided on the French ....yes the French,  well the Vichy French to be specific.

Once again I have focused my Bolt Action army selection on the Early War period of WW2 as I like the period, some may say that late war is where all the competitive players are heading with Panthers and Pak 40's and such but meh ... I dont really care  ...ultimately it all comes down to the look of the army and the history for me and the Legionnaires have always held my interest having collected a 15mm FOW Vichy French Legion army so it was only a matter of time I guess before I collected it in 28mm  .... and the Legion miniatures look way cool.

The history of the unit I am basing my force on will be the 6th REI Foreign Infantry Regiment. They were formed in 1939 and were located in French Levant (modern Syria) , and in 1941 they fought against the British and Allies in the area of Damascus, during the battle the 6th Legion faced against the 13th DBLE Free French Legionnaires .... upon meeting each other they did not shoot at the other (classic !)........  but ultimately the Vichy French lost this battle and had to retreat from Syria and Lebanon ,  by December 1941 the Regiment was disbanded and joined the Free French side, its Legionnaires were absorbed into other allied Legion units.

My core of the army is going to center around the French Legionnaire Infantry units. I found some great models that Artizan minatures do for my Legionnaires and they look great, so much so that i am actually looking forward to painting them !

I will also have some Senegalese Tirailluers Infantry, a Moroccan Goumier infantry unit with their tough fighters training, theres also a handful of VB grenade launchers within the infantry units to provide some mortar and smoke cover,  a Machine gun unit,   the little Renault R-35 Tank, and units forming the back bone of the force being two units of the 75mm mle 1897 Light Artillery Guns - as being the french you get a free artillery unit so bonus there ....  The only thing left to sort out is the armoured car option .... I was hoping to use the Laffly S15TOE car or may  be the AMD Laffly 50AM car but having trouble finding a model for it in 28mm scale (anybody who could help let me know)

Well thats whats up next on the Bolt Action front for me ,  I have been busy painting up some more of my Finnish Bolt Action force doing little units such as the higher command teams, the Medic and observers and the like .... now only one small unit of ski troops to go and then its onto the vehicles ... hoping to get these done this month.

Also been playing a heap of Saga 2 games lately ,  it has a fantastic new set of rules so hopefully have some more on this later and possibly a battle report as I havent done on of those for ages .... loving the new battle boards ,  my Anglo-saxons are very good and also the Vikings , they look hard to beat.  Looking forward to the next book being the Crusades Age as I will get to use my Milites Christi force and my beloved Moors

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Fantasy Flight Games have brought out a new 28mm skirmish minatures game being Star Wars Legion ,  and I must say it looks epic

 I have been reading up and watching a couple of UTube clips about it and so far it looks like a very well thought out skirmish game, I think it hits our stores around late March next year so I will be looking forward to it 

The miniatures they have released so far look very good, I can see myself going the Empire side as the AT-ST model is simply awesome and the speeder bikes look very cool.
The rebel troopers also look top notch

Here are some pics I found

Stormtroopers with some heavy weapons

These rebel trooper guys look great - love the commander in the cloak

The rebels with their AT-RT walker

The AT-ST looks massive -   its empire side for me thanks !

Luke and Darth

So all you Star Wars fans have a look into it - as I cant wait to see this on the tabletop.

Friday, 8 December 2017


Its the second December Remember Tournament that is being held at the Local Club, a club run tournament that is run in memory of Nick Garden .  Last year we played 750point FOW armys, this year it is going to be 500 point Bolt Action  YAY.

Its Patrol level lists only so the lists can not have any Vehicles, AT or Artillery units or any Free units.  I can see a lot of Snipers being used and also a fair few MMG/LMG teams being used as well with these restrictions, but hopefully there's not to many vanilla lists out there.

I will be running my Winter War Finns for this, I have had to do some painting for it during the week which frankly was a struggle as its been very hot in the valley lately hitting into the 30's and even reaching 35°c in Upper Hutt so had trips to the beach and river for swims and the like, but I have managed to put the finishing touches on the army last night.

So this is what I will be running
1939 Winter War Finnish List
2nd Lieutenant - Regular =  50 pts

Winter War Rifle Squad - Regular - NCO (armed with SMG) and 8 men with rifles   =  93pts

Sissi Squad - Veteran - NCO (armed with SMG) and 4 men with rifles  = 83pts
(all have tough Fighters and have Ski's ) 

Sissi Squad - Veteran - NCO (armed with SMG) and 4 men with rifles  = 83pts
(all have tough Fighters and have Ski's ) 

Sniper Team - Regular - with ski's = 57pts
MMG Team - Regular = 50pts
Anti-tank Rifle team - Regular - with Ski's = 32 pts
Flamethrower team - Regular - with ski's = 52 pts
TOTAL 500points 

Sissi unit

Flamethrower team

AT Rifle team

Winter War Rifle squad

Lieutenant and MMG team

Sniper team

I am hoping to move my Sissi units into ambush while supporting a flanking move with the Winter War unit with flamethrower in support. My Sniper is a must as he has a special rule where he can hit on a 2+ when firing his scoped rifle (so good) .  My Anti tank Rifle is just there for the extra +2 Penetration on enemy MMG teams, also a flamethrower for good measure as I have not had the chance to use this yet.

I think there is 14 players all up with 7 on the Axis side and 7 on the Allies side ,  with myself on the Axis fighting the Winter War against those communist Russians !  
Hopefully we have a good mix of varying nations, my brother is running a rather bold German Atlantic wall army - 4 units of 10 inexperienced units with LMG in each and a MMG team as well ..... thats a lot of firepower !  and he has a small unit of field police and 1st Lieutenant to keep them in check when it goes all tits up, as im sure it will do !

Should be a fun one day tournament

Friday, 3 November 2017


Well I have been busy painting up my White Mans Expedition Congo force as I wanted to get it all done and dusted now that Andy has finished his. They have come up quite well I think and with lots of varied unit types in the army it was quite a fun process to paint which is always good ... as painting can be a chore at times !

The other reason I got it all painted in a timely fashion was that Andy and myself were invited by a friend of ours to showcase a few demonstration wargames at a local bookshop in Featherston called Messines Bookshop, a great little shop that sells and trades all types of military books, recommend heading over to check it out or go to there website perhaps. We thought we would demo a game each of Congo and Saga.
The day was a lot of fun with the locals popping in and checking out the miniatures and gaming mechanics  The White men winning the game of Congo and then a very close game of Saga between my Saxons verses Andy's Scotti (Strathclyde) with Andy just winning by 2 points .... I had a good early game but once Andy's off table units come on it got away from me. After the games we ended up in the local RSA for quick beer, some fish & chips and then off to play some board games before heading back to the Valley.... so a very good day out in the Wairarapa.

Righty o then lets see some photos of my White Mans Expedition force, first up is the Retired officer who's in charge of this expedition. Love this model ... a fat old British gentleman with a big mustache trying to relive his old days by going out into the Congo wilderness.  His special rule is that the unit he leads may re-roll all ones on their to hit dice for shooting and melee - so very handy.

The other character I tend to use is the Reporter or Scientist, which this model can fulfill both roles I think

A must for the expedition to be good is the cargo bearer lads, when attached they make a unit ignore all movement stress penalties and can help with bulky items

My best unit is my Soldiers, these ones are Indians, well trained with a D10 Rifle , offering a added bonus as they ignore all shooting stress penalties
Very nice model sculpts and were fun to paint up.

I have a unit of Adventurers. Another collection of great looking model sculpts, especially the man in the middle, its like he got up in the morning and thought it was too hot - can just imagine the retired officer yelling - "PUT SOME PANTS ON MAN ! .this is a British expedition , we must look our best "  ...
This unit also has a unique but very cool rule and comes in handy only being a 3 man they can take two stress to cancel a wound... yep thats cool.

Two units of Trained Askari are next , armed with D8 Rifles these are the core of the force, I also sometimes combine them and run just one unit of normal Askari with muskets as these are quite good at dishing out stress to the enemy especial with the Ruga Ruga's

The Ruga Ruga unit is good unit, as they have D8 dice across the board armed with  muskets. Slight downside would be they frighten easily, as only D6 on terror tests...

I also took a unit of archers, now they only have a D6 Bow and D6 Melee dice but when you have the Retired officer leading them they can be quite useful as they re-roll all ones to hit

And last but not least is a small unit of Scouts, an essential unit to any white man expedition to guide them through the jungles of Congo. - love how these turned out with the shields and feathers

Well there you have it ... my Congo Force all done.
Now back to painting more Finns for Bolt Action army as another little tournament in December to go to.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Andy has finished painting his Forest Tribes Congo Army
and he has done a great job on them.


Leading his Faction is the Pygmy King (with one of his wives accompanying him)  he leads his men well as his special rule is that for as long as he is alive all the Pygmies have a D10 bravery

Andy's other main character is his Witch-doctor - really like the way Andy has painted this model up with the crazy eyes look !  for when he does his ritual sorcery (its all mumbo jumbo to my Whitemen explorers faction I can tell you that much)

He has one other character model (for when he isn't leading Pygmy warriors) and thats his Chieftain model, this plump warrior looks like he has had all the comforts of being the Chief far too long , great model !  His special rule is quite good as he can draw two totem cards at the start of each turn (instead of one)

The Core of his army are 2 units of Pygmy Archers - nasty little blighters with their poison arrow tips ... and being so tiny they can hide quite easily as they can not be targeted if in high area terrain unless within 6" .... very handy skill

Andy has a unit of Pygmy Warriors which also nasty little buggers with their harassment skill they have as they get to shoot before they charge at you !

Then there's the Cannibals !  a truly horrible thought for the Whitemens Expedition plump retired officer - as these savages lock eyes with you - thinking of their lunch quite literally

A unit of Warriors , these are the core of the tribes men, wearing scary face masks to frighten the enemy ..... not that this Englishman is scared of such things .. what what
Very cool figures and love the paint job on these guys.

Two units of Young Warriors, these are young lads that have to prove their worth in battle before the tribe accept them in the warrior class .... after all who wants to be lumped with the boring gatherer's ....

Then there's the small but very deadly Hunters unit, these guys look very cool in their warpaint  ... Photo is a tad blury sorry

 And last but not least their is the fancy lads of the Tribe... all dressed up to the hilt in feathers and beads .... its the Scared Warriors of the Tribe ... these can be horrible to face if you have stress tokens on your unit as they get extra attacks/shots.

Well there you have it a very good Congo army ...... hopefully get some of my units done this week and next as we are heading over to the Wairapara to put on a demo game of this , should be quite fun.