Friday, 9 September 2016


We have another Flames of War tournament in a weeks time, but this one is a little different. Its a themed event between the Russians and the Germans (and Minor Axis) that follows the history from the Barbarossa offensive in early war all the way to the defense of Berlin at the end of the war. So a 2 day event with 6 games being played - with the first two games being 1250 point early war, then 2 games of 1500 point mid war, and finally 2 games at 1750 points in late war.

As part of tournament, we are divided into two teams (Soviets and Germans) and those teams have missions where upon they have to attack (this takes over any auto attack/defend rules) but with the added bonus where the team that is attacking can decide who gets to attack who, so they can have a matched pair or even a total mismatched pair if they so choose that will benefit the teams overall performance, sounds a great idea
We also get to have a free infantry hero that gets a new skill each round (well that's if he lives of course - if he dies he gets amnesia and forgets the skills already learned and has to start from scratch again.... sounds a lot of fun (wish I had taken an Infantry force now LOL.
Also the team that has the most points at the end of each round will get one bonus platoon which can be given to one of their team players in the next mission ... this varies from mission to mission but could be an AT platoon or even plane support so will be worth winning to get this bonus indeed and can be used to help the weakest player/army in the team perhaps ......... I might need some more AT in LW I think as my AT assets are a tad shy

I decided if i have to defend and also attack in half the missions I would take my Tankovy force, main reason was that I haven't played with tanks for ages now and was a good a reason as any, and it lets me run my KV1e force in the LW army so a different army to most but be good to run over some infantry and I hopefully get to use my mine rollers.

Red Army Tankovy Early War force - lots of little T-60's with a few T-34's and unarmed sappers
(also got a pioneer wagon as well so help on defense)
Red Army Mixed Tankovy Mid War Force - Lots of uparmoured T-34's, T-60's and KV-2's
Guards Heavy Tank Late War force .... lots of KV-1e's... should be fun
and I get to finally play with this bad boy in the LW games
So very much looking forward to this tournament ... with all the special rules and added bonus of picking your opponent should make for a fun weekend.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


With another Flames of War tournament in a couple of weeks time, I have been busy painting up some Early War Soviet figures, being the little SU-12 assault guns.
Very cool looking guns on back of trucks, they have a decent gun for early war standards being AT5 with a 3+ FP roll, the best part is if they fail their 5+ truck save the enemy still has to their fire power roll as they have gun shields (so at times can be more useful than armour). They have volley fire rule also and if all else fails they some should provide some much needed artillery support to my T-60 tank army.

A platoon of 3  SU-12 gun platforms, all based up to match the rest of my force.

Also, I have finished my Peter the Hermit model, I will be using it as a mounted priest model for my Anglo-Saxon(Danes) force and also my Rus Princes force. Very humble looking donkey with a bible bashing priest preaching his gospel - looks a great model I think.
I could possibly use it as dismounted priest model as well, saying that the donkey is old and slow and somewhat stubborn, so moves at walking speed.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Well I got a tad bored of painting Milites Christi horses, but I have been busy and I have finished a unit of Levy Crossbowmen for my Moor Saga army. Overall quite happy how they turned out.  Some photos of the Crossbowmen

Also my order of Finnish Bolt Action stuff has finally arrived, so I will getting onto these shortly no doubt. Got myself another platoon of Ski equipped Finnish infantry, a High command Officer, a Forward Observer, and another tank being the Twin turret MG T-26a (should be some fun and it looks very cool) also a BA-10 armoured Car , which is a very coll looking model

I also picked up some vital head swaps, as my Finnish figures come with a mix of Finnish caps and Helmets , but they look very German-ish if there are too many figures with helmets fitted so think a few head swaps is the way to go .....

BA-10 Armoured Car , Twin turret T26-A  ,  T-34/76 (1940 model)
Photo of what I have put together already being :
37mm AT gun, Anti-tank Rifle team (surprised how long that barrel on that gun is) ,
an Infantry Platoon, HMG team (still needs glueing), Flamethrower, Panzershek team,
Sniper and Spotter, 82mm Mortar, Light Mortar team and the Officer

Heres whats still to be done, 2 platoons of ski troops and a big Howitzer team

So hopefully get onto these soon. I also have some Flames of War models to paint before another tournament coming up soon.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Finally got a unit Milites Christi Hearthguard all painted up and based.  Overall quite happy how they turned out. Horses do take a wee while to paint I must admit, I only got another 8 Horse Heathguard figures to finish and the Milites Christi force is all done and dusted. YAY

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Well another Panzershrek FOW doubles tournament is done and dusted for another year. As always I teamed up with my twin brother Andrew, we both initially had the idea to run Italian lists but in the end I gave in and let Andy run his Polish force as he wanted to run his Armoured Train (becoming a habit of running trains at Panzershrek now !)

We traveled up with our good mates John and Warren again this year which always makes for a good road trip. So on the Friday night with Noodle Canteen takeaways we all headed over the Rimutaka Hill to Warrens house in Featherston, where upon we ate said dinner and had a laugh watching some Classic Top Gear dvd's, then woke up in the early hours of the morning and set off to Palmy.

We had 24 teams for Panzershrek this year which was great to see, made for a busy hall with 48 players. The tables all looked good, there was a few tables with train tracks already on them, so Andy and I spent some time looking over them (then come to notion that whoever set them up has never used trains before !!! )

So down to the actual games then,

GAME 1 -  was against Team "Stop Gap" being Dale and Stu, in a Free for All mission.
We have played these two before at Panzershrek, this time they had a double German force with one taking the Machine-gun infantry company and the other was German Schutzen, needless to say there was a bucket load of HMG teams and 3 platoons of 2x Panzerjagers... ouch that is going to hurt the poor train ... and it did, our first turn the train puffed its way onto the scene, fired at some artillery/infantry killing a few and then got shot to bits with return Panzerjager fire. Our tanks got a few lucky shots in and killed two platoons of Pzjagers in return. and our bypass unit eventually arrived on the table in turn 4 or 5 but it arrived in the wrong corner and got hemmed in by the HMG teams in the wood. In the end it was a 3-3 draw as neither of us had enough left to push onto the objective's , still a good game to start with.

The choo choo train - at least it gave cover to our advancing infantry !!

GAME 2 - was against Team "Statler and Waldorf" being Steve Hill and Ben in a Hasty Attack mission. I always enjoy playing Steve, such a great player on the defense ! and a great sport as well.  This year he was teamed up with a new player to the NZ wargaming scene, being Ben from South Africa - fresh of the boat having moved only 4 weeks before the tournament. Steve and Ben was running a Finnish tank and Finnish Infantry army - very nicely painted too.  Now I would normally point out what was in the army but we only had eyes for one platoon stuck in a wood and that was the 13 stand Pioneer platoon , with a couple of T-26 tanks lurking in there as well ... apart from the barrage of artillery fire once in while we didn't see much of the rest of the army.   all I can say is that a large platoon of pioneers holds up very well in a wood !!
We Pushed everything down that side and concentrated all firepower into the pioneer unit, once we pinned them and reduced them in size we sent in the tanks with some infantry support to flush them out, it was partly successful, and we were lucky with the delayed reserves being late but they kept passing motivations to stay in the fight and killed a number of tanks in the process, then our infantry got slowed down with artillery pinning, ultimately we ran out of time to push the advantage, but it was a very good fight and was fun watching Steve's/Bens great defensive tactics at work.

Photo of the right flank, but we didnt head that way !
The Train fires barrages into any teams outside or on the edges of the wood, but apart from
 pinning them down isnt that effective.
This was the main objective, the wood with a large pioneer unit within it, the trees are removed from photo to make it easier for deployment but it is a wood.
Assualt after assualt into the wood, but man they are a stubborn lot those Finns.

This was the game of the tournament for me as we had a blast playing these two. A close game but even if we had time I think the reserves would of plugged the gaps needed to contest the objective so a very well deserved 6-1 victory to team Staler and Waldorf

GAME 3 - was against Team "Dont B. T. t. F. Stewie" being Tom and Alex in a Fighting Withdrawal mission. Another great game against these two as well, always a relaxed amusing game when playing Alex and Tom . We were defending in a withdrawal with a train track already on the table. We setup with a mix of tanks on both flanks and another in the middle with the train covering the right and AT guns on the left with another AT unit in ambush. Tom and Alex had a British tank army with a mix of Honeys, Crusaders and captured M13 Italian tanks and keeping with the the true British fashion the tanks all line up for the charge onto the objective (off to right side of wood in photo below)

Shows initial setup with train track in the middle of the wood, all the Brits lined up and waiting for the train to arrive.

The tanks had a good round of shooting in the first couple of turns, and one Crusader tank had killed the Train Locomotive in true British fashion of a driveby shooting from Tally ho Broadside rule.
They then sent the tanks into the wood to clean out the infantry, they did so but at a cost of few tanks. We then popped the AT ambush and few honeys went down, I think the train even managed to kill a few in this game which was good to see. The Italian tanks had a few bog down in the woods which slowed them down, but they and the Honeys managed to kill 2 platoons of tanks and an infantry platoon. I think we broke Toms army in the end so was a 4-3 victory to us.

Day one all done and a good days gaming was had, after having Carls Juniors burgers for dinner, (Must admit though it was a missed tradition of not having the usual BBQ dinner at Panzershrek this year, so hopefully that will return next year), it was back to the hotel to play a some board games, playing a multitude of games including Ivanhoe, Timeline and Love Letter.

GAME 4 -  was against Team "Koch Block" being Daniel and Damien in a Pincer Mission.  Now this game was to be one of the funniest, strangest and somewhat unluckiest game I have had in a long time...needless to say it was a real hoot.  They had a double german glider army - with nothing but gliding pioneer Luftlandersturm units (2 each) , this force is always going to bring glory in the first turn of the game or die horribly if it all goes wrong on the landings.  With Dan and Damo's laugh a minute style of play, the army suited them perfectly.

We setup a unit of infantry and a unit of tanks each in two forests covering each objective with another infantry blob to the side behind stone walls.
Turn zero, the gliders appeared and all landed well, with the exception of Daniels HQ and 2IC Glider who both died on the landing ! (who gives the bossman the rookie pilot, I ask you). Daniel launches an assault first against Andy's infantry but they failed their tank terror,  his next unit got ready having passed his tank terror, but got beaten back by defensive fire - so looking well for us, so far so good.

Damo then launches his units into my infantry, passes his Tank terror and proceeds to kill 3 stands, I roll to counterattack and get back in the fight, I rolled a 1, Ok, Sir is close to hand, so I reroll and another 1 appears. I fall back as the result, but two tanks in the forest are caught in the 4" clean up zone, so I roll a few bog checks and rolled another couple of ones !!!!  both die as a result.  Shocking result there but was very funny as Damo yells SHAME !  as we put them in a dead pile.

Turn one starts and Daniels planes arrive and proceeds to bail and kill one of my tanks. This put them under half strength, they then proceeded to leg it off table as I failed my motivation again to keep them on the table (horrible horrible dice !! )  Damo then assualts his Glider unit into my infantry hiding in the woods, well all I can say is RINSE AND REPEAT here, I rolled another 1 to counter attack and then followed by a 2 with the CO team reroll (aaarrrgghhh  so much for this fearless lark). More funny Shame remarks that I found amusing,  but to make it worse still the infantry platoon is under half strength !  oh no not another one you say !! ..... well of course they break and run and that was that, as my company had been broken. all done and dusted.
We didnt even get to have a turn ! , and all over within 30 minutes, a classic game with much hilarity and joking.  The look on Andy's face was priceless.  8 Motivation checks and not one of them being a fearless result .... the Shame !

 Well this game didn't go at all so well for us, I think our setup let us down in the end with the tanks in the forest, well that and my abysmal shocking dice rolling , needless to say Andy wasn't too happy and banned me from rolling motivation checks in the next game.
The only downside was to wait 2 hours for the next game ....... with luck a local model shop owner appeared and I then proceeded to spend my monies and bought myself a T-34 tank for my Bolt Action Finnish force.

Shows our setup, with infantry and our tanks setup to close together
Glider landings underway to completely surround us.
Daniels landings with CO/2IC glider in flames
Aftermath of Horrible dice rolls
GAME 5 -  was against Team "Spagehetti and Bratwurst" being Wayne and Victor in a Dust Up Mission.  Nearly always get to play against this team and always have a good relaxed game - a nice way to finish off a great tournament. This time Victor was running a Panzer III army with Waynes Italian M13 tank force - even had a couple of Italian 102/53 gun platforms as well (which was great to see) Our setup had us place 3 platoons of infantry in a built up town defending the objectives with a platoon of Polish tanks behind. First couple of turns Victor made good use of its Panzer II guns whitling down our infantry in the buildings to good effect, meanwhile the train was arriving on the opposite flank and only manages to kill one 102/53 gun, the return fire saw the train Artillery carriges go up in flames with help of the M13 tanks.  We then get lucky and the first 2 platoons of Polish tanks arrive and murder the Italian tanks and even manage to get flanking shots.  This make Waynes HQ the only model in range to contest thier objective so Victor has to rush his Panzer III back to cover the middle, but with more reserves arriving they just cant do enough enough damage, we spend the next 3 turns trying to kill the Italian M13 tank and finally do so, taking the objective. This was a close end game to finish on and a good 4-3 victory for us.

Panzer III shooting up a Polish village
We get very lucky with our reserve rolls and kill the M13 tanks
The train goes up in flames thanks to the big AA truck sitting on the hill yonder.
Trying to push onto the objective
Thier reserves turn up to kill our tanks in the middle.
Well another Panzershrek all finished , a great event as always and we had five fantastic games against dome fun opponents. I think we did pretty well with our Polish force we had taken, admittly we took the train as it was a fun thing to do and we got to have the team name of TrainMcTrain face! of course. Next year they will be running another EW doubles format, So I have been told that I must finish my Vichy French force by July next year, hopefully should be done by then

The results 
Pts    Team name and armies 

25     BB Guns (1st.). French Recon/Brit Inf. 
24     First to Warsaw (2nd.). Soviet Inf/Sov Tankovy 
23     Conquest 04 ( 3rd.). Mit Pz Komp/LePzKom. 
22     Bro Geste. FreeFr. Inf/NZ Mech com. 
21     Ravishing Red Rapsc. Sov Strelkovy X 2 
19     Red Spot Special. Jap. Tank/Jap.Inf 
19     Tripoli For Tea. Ital. Carri/Fr. Legion Inf 
19     Da Mommas Boyz. Finn/Pz Kom 
19     StopGap. German Pz Kom X 2 
18     French Connection. Fr. Comp De Combat/Brit Inf Tank 
17     Salt & Sand. US Pacific/ Brit Lt Tank 
17     Hitler & Stalin's tour de Poland. Ger tank. Strelk/Sov (Rising Sun) 
17     Premium Bananas. Finn Pan/German Le Pz 
17    Team Koch Block. Luftlandsturm X 2 
17    Statler & Waldorf. Fin Inf/Finn tank 
16    Wounded Soldiers. Germ MG/ Germ Inf. 
15    OK Who?. Germ Inf. X 2 
14    Don’t B. T. t. F. Stewie. BAR/Stuart Com. 
14    Train Mc Trainface. Polish Inf/Polish Tanks 
13    Clocks Running.. Kradsch./Czech Pz. 
12    Thund. From Downunder. Aus Div Cav/Aus Inf 
12    The Beer Snobs (Best Sports). Germ. Schutzen Kom. X 2 
11    Old Dogs. Gebirgsjager X 2 
11    Spaghetti & Bratwurst. Le Pz/Comp. Carri 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Played a Saga game the other night with my brother Andrew,  I played my Anglo-Saxons against Andy's Pagan Rus.  Andy had a Warlord, 1 unit of Hearthguard, 3 units of Warriors, 1 unit of Javelin armed Levy with some Steppe Nomad unit thrown in as well.  To combat this I had a Warlord, a Bard, 2 units of 10 Warriors, 1 unit of 4 Warriors and 3 units of Levy with spear and shields.

We played the "Across the Ford" mission, but set it up so that the river was an angle to make it something different. and also plonked down some terrain, marsh at one end of the river and some trees and building to make it interesting.

Initial setup, Saxons in the front with Pagus Rus on the far side, majority on the right side
Saxons get the first turn and move quickly up and onto the right side ford, Andy stopped me doing the same on the other side with his annoying Frozen skill.
Andy cautiously moves his Rus units up toward each ford, and the Steppe unit annoys me with a hail of arrows
I get Saxon kingdoms skill (that's the skill where all my Levy units turn into Warriors = awesome) and I charge into the Rus Warrior unit, I only do 4 hits (not so good) then Andy rolls all sixes for his saving throws (well that was complete pants) Andy does minimal damage as I have my shoulder to shoulder skill to counter his hits.
Since my Levy are still counted as Warriors (only lasts for my current turn phase) I charge his Levy unit on the other ford, and get more lucky managing to push them back. Andy doesn't use my fatigue against me in the combat and this worries me somewhat ! as for starters this means, my Levy will be exhausted in his turn and secondly the Pagan Rus has a rather nasty battleboard skill where having fatigue on your units is not a good thing.... at all !
The Rus Warlord and a unit of his Warriors strike back on the right side and things are not looking good for this "now" Saxon Levy unit making them to retreat, to make way for more advancing up behind them. Andy then rests his remaining units, then does his somewhat horrible "Endless Wastes" skill, where every unit with fatigue takes one casualty per fatigue it has !! not liking this at all, as my units are getting smaller , and thats not good for Saxons

Those pesky Steppe Nomads firing arrows again
The Aftermath of me stupidly charging into Andys Hearthguard unit, my Warriors are somewhat frazzled, and low and behold the Hearthguard hasn't got a scratch on them, he likes using his Stand like bears skill , a skill by lowering his attacks but raising his armour value, quite useful when all he wanted out of that combat was to put another fatigue marker on my unit.... dam his cunning .... I hear that the Endless waste skill will be used in his following turn again
The Saxon Warriors on the right side are taking a punishing, both by melee and by arrows, so I decide to redirect the reserve unit to go over to the left and adopt a delay operation on the right.

My Levy (or should I say Warriors thanks once again to the Saxon Kingdoms skill) charge into the Hearthguard and beat them senseless .... haha

My delay tactic proves ineffective , as Andy easily pushes the units aside

as he begins to rush his Steppe Nomads over the Ford and behind the building to kill my Bard and then annoy's my small unit of warriors as well, quite good with their 16" long move they have. That only left me with 4 Saga dice in my turn.... so not a lot of options for me at this point.

I move more across the ford
and also charge my small unit of warriors into andy's nomads, but only kill a few as I dont have the numbers to be that effective, and the nomads can turn thier attack dice into defense dice at a rate of one to one so makes them very hard to kill.

In Andys turn he activates his Endless Wastes skill (so annoying) and kills quite a few) then he charges his Warriors into the Levy thats made it across the Ford, and thanks to his For the Khargan skill he manages to get some kills in. 

The end photo after turn 6 (or was it 7?) showing my troops in the top left and Andy's Warlord, Steppe and Warriors in my bottom right side. The models off table are the casualties......
quite a few on both sides, well especially mine , but mostly just the Levy .... pah who cares for Levy
Well all in all a fun game. The Score was 10 - 7 in favour to the Pagan Rus, so a good win to Andy then. I think a combination of good use of his Steppe Nomads and that horrible Endless Waste skill helped him a fair bit. My undoing was not resting my units enough to counter this skill, but I thought if I could get early into combat and use my numbers against him it would be decisive enough to push on through on one side...... oh well , the Saxons shall have their revenge..